Property investments made easy

We hand pick properties in the Central Florida area that provide the highest rental yields & the greatest potential for capital appreciation.


Through a combined 55 years experience in the Central Florida real estate market our teams local knowledge is hard at work to identify and procure the best possible properties for your investment dollar.


Each property is given a 3 part inspection by our experienced Licensed realtors, management co, and contractors to assure you are provided with accurate information and that the properties are in the right location, price and condition for maximum rental return and capital appreciation. Our policy is to only promote properties that our team would be happy to rent and manage and oversee any repair work needed to get your property rental ready. We stand by the properties we promote.


In addition to our real estate and property management services, we also assist with setting up; US bank accounts, ITIN (tax Identification numbers), accountant services, property insurance and online annual property tax payments. We truly are a “one stop shop” for property investors both foreign and domestic.

What makes us different?

All properties are closed though a Licensed US Title Company (Attorney) that assures all liens and encumbrances are removed from the property prior to closing, so you the investor can purchase the property free and clear; in addition all properties receive a Title Insurance policy for complete piece of mind.


All of our promoted properties are “price approved” and there are no bidding wars or months of waiting for a response. our properties are sold on a first come first served basis, once contracted you will not be out bid, and the “approved price” is the price you can purchase it for.


We understand how frustrating and competitive purchasing short sale or bank owned properties can be. But now truly is a once in a lifetime real estate investment opportunity, so if you have been unsuccessfully  trying to purchase an investment property in the Central Florida area, don’t give up! You will be amazed at how simple and quickly we can help you reach your goals.


We can assist every level of investor from the novice to the savvy. 

IRIS International LLC.          Licensed Broker          5401 S. Kirkman Rd, Suite 310            Orlando FL 32819

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