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ADVICE is critical when it comes to Taxes, thats why we use the experts.
Non Resident Tax Service

The filing of Tax Returns is mandatory in the United States and penalties may be imposed for late filing if tax is due.


Owner Accounting Services will not only file your Federal Tax Returns, ensuring that you remain tax compliant, but we will also be there to guide you through the complex U.S tax system. In fact, we provide unlimited help and advice as part of the service we offer to our clients, free of charge!

Our Background

Owner Accounting Services is owned and managed by British qualified Accountant, Stephen J. Harter. 

His company provides a fully comprehensive taxation service to non-resident homeowners, investors and owners of small businesses throughout the United States and UK.


The advantages we offer to clients:-

  • Our services remain competitively priced-with no hidden extras!

  • Clients benefit from our overall knowledge and experience (gained in both the United States and the UK.)

  • We offer straightforward advice on all taxation issues. 

  • We respond quickly to your calls and e-mails

  • In recognition of our taxation knowledge, we have been granted the status of Acceptance Agents by the IRS and we are therefore in the ideal position to deal with your US tax affairs speedily and efficiently.

  • We guarantee to look after your best interests


ITIN’s are required Immediately after purchasing

Property agents must withhold 30% withholding tax from rental income if the owner does not have ITIN’s (Tax ID’s for the US). It is essential that you contact us before the sale finalizes so we can prepare the application for these numbers as it takes the IRS approx 4-6 weeks to get them allocated. 90% of Self prepared applications will be rejected by the IRS and as we offer this service for no extra charge, it is far better to leave this matter to OAS.


Whether you require our services to file your Federal Tax Return (1040NR), or need guidance on other tax issues including, Real Estate Tax & Sales Taxes, Capital Gains Tax (on the sale of a property), or ITIN applications please contact us on the below details.

Tel: 01925 758330 (UK)        Fax: 01925 758353 (UK)        Email:

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