Estimated Short term rental figures

Taxes: $160 to $1,900 after tax assessment


Insurance:  $500


HOA including water:
$3,600 including resort amenities 


Miscellaneous cost

Power, telephone, internet, cable, pool, pest control etc.:$3,300


Total running costs:

$7,260 to $9,975


Purchase Price

$195,900 + closing costs $3,900 + furniture and startup costs: $15,000 to $25,000

Total rental ready price $214,800 to $224,800


Nightly Rates with amenities:

$120 per night low,
$135 per night mid season,
$160 per night high season (predicted Average nightly rate of $126 per night)


Management Fees

Rental commission 20% of above nightly rates


Occupancy rates 40% to 60%.


Net annual rental income in year one while amenities are being completed and taxes have yet to be reassessed at 40% occupancy=$7,486

Net annual rental income in year two after amenities are completed and taxes reassessed at 60% occupancy=$12,144


These estimated costs are for guidance only. To discuss short term rentals in more depth, please contact Dan Wachter with Itrip: Tel: +1 407 625 3844 

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